Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ok I am seriously about to be super busy and stressed out at work. My only source of help was just fired this afternoon. Now I will have to take back my old job responsibilites and it seems like everything is a top priority but there are only 8 hours in a day... Just had to vent.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another year, another blessing

Tomorrow is my birthday (24) and as another year passes I have stopped to think that I have so much to be thankful for. I never had a picture perfect Leave it to Beaver childhood but I wouldn't change anything and I feel blessed to have had the life that God entrusted me with.

  • 24 years ago God decided to bless me with the greatest mom in the world. I don't think she will ever know how much I look up to her and admire her strength and courage. If not for her then I myself would not know how to be a great mother to my daughter. She has taught me so much... patience, unselfishness, gratitude, joy, sorrow, right from wrong, and forgiveness.
  • 288 months ago I was born to a 17 year old mother who never once gave any thought to not having me. This makes me feel blessed to be alive. I can't imagine how someone so young could handle a child on their own without the father around but my mom has always been the type to put others before herself.
  • 1248 weeks ago God presented me into the presence of a true angel. With my mom still going to school and then working my great-grandmother and I spent lots of time together. She was beautiful, pure, kind, and virtuous. She never got angry with me even after I colored on her walls with crayons. She left my drawings up on her walls the rest of her life saying how good of an artist I was (lol).
  • 8766 days ago I never realized how much more fun life would be without a little brother with whom to annoy the rest of my life. My poor brother might have been the brunt of many of my childhood (OK and adulthood) pranks, but he is my best friend. I tell him everything, that of which I am sure he wishes that I would keep some things to myself. He is the most loving, goofy person you could ever be around.
  • 210,384 hours ago I was born as the first and only granddaughter of Maw and Paw Bridges. Little did I know that every weekend while I was younger I would be kicking my paw-paw out of his bed onto the coach so I could sleep with maw-maw and watch Walker Texas Ranger.
  • 12,623,040 minutes ago I never knew that I would find true love and be able to hold onto it. This happened totally out of the blue and I found and fell in love with my best friend and future husband. Keith is the kindest, most generous, do anything for anybody, cutest husband around. We have made each other laugh and cry but I love him as much today as I did when we first said those words to each other.
  • 757,382,400 seconds ago I never would have known that one day I would be looking into the bluest eyes of the cutest baby girl on earth. This has so far been my greatest blessing of all. To have something so precious and new come from me is the greatest feeling of all.

I might not have a typical 24 year old life as my friends do, but I would trade being a housewife of a 9 month old over still hitting up the club every weekend ANY DAY! I couldn't of asked for any better of an upbringing or adult life than what I have because I feel blessed for every second that has been given to me.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

this is the fun part right?

Lexi is now 9 months old and extremely mobile. She is pulling up on everything and crawling everywhere... Have moms ever actually bought their kid a helmet? I swear she is going to get brain damage from all of this brave attempts in pulling up on things that end with her head hitting the ground. Of course she is fine. She only freaks out and cries when she sees me freaking out about it. She can baby talk a couple of words like da da, oh yeah, OK, and no no no. But she only says mama when she wants me in the room or I am too far away from her. And her saying mama is more like her screeching it at me then saying Mama please come here. She is so hilarious and unpredictable. I think her and my cat are finally seeing eye to eye. Gizmo now knows that that thing can now crawl towards her so they play cat and mouse... And Lexi is the cat. She is so fascinated by animals, like she loves them! This Halloween she was a pumpkin and we sat in the front yard to hand out candy. I gave Lexi her strawberry shortcake cup with cheerios in it to munch on. When the first trick or treater came up to get candy out of the basket beside Lexi, she snatched her cup away and said no no! I died laughing and told the poor frightened girl that it was OK she could have some candy.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A is for Animal Rights

I love animals. I have a 4 year old cat who we treat as our firstborn child. She was declawed and spayed at about 6 months old. I can't barely watch those animal rescue shows without tearing up over some of those mistreated animals. I also eat meat, well actually love meat. Am I a hypocrite...?
I think not. I don't believe that animals should be cruelly treated, but God also put humans in control and power over the animals he created on Earth (Genesis). Animals have been used as food since the beginning of mankind. I just think we need stricter laws and humane ways of raising and processing livestock for food. I don't believe in the negative ad campaigns that PETA and other animal rights group put on billboards, magazines and commercials. They are terrorizing kids into being scared to even drink a glass of milk and not caring who sees there disgusting mutilated animal billboards even if it's a two year old.
I also believe that PETA takes animal rights to the EXTREME!!! They not only not believe in animals for any sort of food, clothing, or research but they also oppose:
How are we to study and learn from animal behavior if we are to leave them alone in their natural habitats? And if it wasn't for zoo's some animal species would already be extinct.
They believe catching and releasing is extremely painful to fish. That when released back into the water they could die from the shock of being caught... (sorry I can't even comment on this)
-declawing cats
Is extremely painful to cats when they wake up from surgery and the anesthesia wears off... Ok, isn't that also true for when humans have surgery. That is why we have pain medicine. PETA insists that if you have to have a pet you keep it indoors... Well we got my cat declawed for two reason, protecting our furniture and our kids from getting clawed.
-pet carriers
They believe it is selfish of humans to put animals into a pet carrier for any reason. They say it is not right for the animal to be forced to be locked up and not be able to stretch out or roam the house at will. I mean I would understand this if maybe you attempted to put a lab into a pet carrier just big enough for a Chihuahua, but the carriers I have seen have room for the animals to lay down, stretch out, and even walk around in some cases.
-having outdoor animals
Animals are forced to stay outside in the heat, bad weather, and in fences... Ok well this is kind of a contradiction on Peta's part. They don't believe we should have pets to begin with but if we do to not keep them as outdoor animals. Well if no one had pets then where do you think those wild animals would be??? Outside!!!!
-pets of any kind really
No pets of any kind... lol, ok. They say it is cruel for pets to only be allowed to eat, sleep, and use the bathroom when their owners allow them to. And they are traumatized when yelled at to get off the furniture they just jumped on. Don't humans go through their entire lives with someone else telling them when they can and can't do something... Moms, spouses, bosses, etc.
I think more awareness should be raised for better issues...
Child abuse
Global Warming
Cancer research
I mean can a member of PETA truly say they have never killed a spider or roach in their house, swatted a fly with a flyswatter, or smacked a mosquito biting their arm? Maybe we should just ban flyswatters and bug traps...
Oh yeah and PETA also wants congress to pass a 10 cent tax for every pound of meat purchased... Like we don't have enough money and economy problems lets tax the people some more.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Life as a Mommy

Ever realize that once you are blessed with a child all of your other identities seem to diminish? Which is fine... but now I am just known as the mom of Lexi or that is Lexi's mom. People no longer ask about you and how your day is going they simple ask "How's that baby of yours"... So hence the name momoflexi23 (my age).
I do have a daughter named Alexis Nicole, Lexi for short, and she is 5 1/2 months old (we don't do the she is such and such weeks crap). She is growing like a weed (omg I am a mom I totally used an old person phrase) already weighing 16 pounds at her four month check up. Everyday with her I still stop and think to myself... I can not believe she is mine, like I have the most beautiful little girl in the world. And my husband is the biggest baby hog of them all... She already has more personality than most adults that I know.

Motherhood is...
and worth every minute