Saturday, July 19, 2008

Life as a Mommy

Ever realize that once you are blessed with a child all of your other identities seem to diminish? Which is fine... but now I am just known as the mom of Lexi or that is Lexi's mom. People no longer ask about you and how your day is going they simple ask "How's that baby of yours"... So hence the name momoflexi23 (my age).
I do have a daughter named Alexis Nicole, Lexi for short, and she is 5 1/2 months old (we don't do the she is such and such weeks crap). She is growing like a weed (omg I am a mom I totally used an old person phrase) already weighing 16 pounds at her four month check up. Everyday with her I still stop and think to myself... I can not believe she is mine, like I have the most beautiful little girl in the world. And my husband is the biggest baby hog of them all... She already has more personality than most adults that I know.

Motherhood is...
and worth every minute