Sunday, November 9, 2008

this is the fun part right?

Lexi is now 9 months old and extremely mobile. She is pulling up on everything and crawling everywhere... Have moms ever actually bought their kid a helmet? I swear she is going to get brain damage from all of this brave attempts in pulling up on things that end with her head hitting the ground. Of course she is fine. She only freaks out and cries when she sees me freaking out about it. She can baby talk a couple of words like da da, oh yeah, OK, and no no no. But she only says mama when she wants me in the room or I am too far away from her. And her saying mama is more like her screeching it at me then saying Mama please come here. She is so hilarious and unpredictable. I think her and my cat are finally seeing eye to eye. Gizmo now knows that that thing can now crawl towards her so they play cat and mouse... And Lexi is the cat. She is so fascinated by animals, like she loves them! This Halloween she was a pumpkin and we sat in the front yard to hand out candy. I gave Lexi her strawberry shortcake cup with cheerios in it to munch on. When the first trick or treater came up to get candy out of the basket beside Lexi, she snatched her cup away and said no no! I died laughing and told the poor frightened girl that it was OK she could have some candy.